Project Description:

The prime motivation of this project is to strengthen the link and expedite the exchange between the academia and the industry, with a focus on the design and analysis of urban street forms. The urban landscape is littered with failed development that often results from misunderstanding of how spatial layout influence human performance. In this regard, space syntax offers a rigorous and testable theoretical framework to evaluate and predict how street structure influences the pattern of space use at the urban scale and the social consequences it implies. This project introduces space syntax measures developed at Georgia Tech to help evaluate design alternatives and inform critical design moves. The analytical tools, or ‘evaluators’, are developed in Grasshopper – a graphical algorithm editor which is widely used in the architectural design field today – so that designers can get instant feedback on the performance of their design schemes. The evaluators can be wired to the generative algorithms, or ‘generators’ created by the designers to enable further optimization processes. The major goal of this project is to bring the expertise of space syntax into the early stage of the urban design process. By incorporating space-syntax analysis to the mainstream design application, it facilitates that process..

Status: Completed

Project Location:  NA