Project Description:

The Advanced Particle Therapy Center in Dallas Texas represents the future of the battle against cancer within the medical world today. It will house state of the art particle therapy machines that will bring people from across the nation to seek the unparalleled treatment quality. Perkins + Will were commissioned for the project and the firm produced six design iterations for the massing. Their design goals were as follows: • Produce a state of the art building with a futuristic appearance • Sensitivity to adjacent structures • Visibility from the highway to communicate the mission of the company • Logical massing and program layout to maximize efficiency and overall experience of patients and medical staff • Gantry accessibility amongst many others Following a productive meeting with the client, the architect produced one final alternative that would provide direct gantry access. It is our goal as a team to analyze the efficiency of two particular aspects of the design process: massing, and energy. Wecision and SysML were utilized to study the performance of the submitted massing proposals before Rhino and Grasshopper were integrated into the analysis to generate new alternatives based on a set of parameters that define goals and constraints within a script for massing relative to the site and energy performance along the main facade.

Status: Past

Project Location:  Dallas, Tx. USA

31540 sf.