Existing processes are not able to satisfy the increasing demand and requirements of high performance design. Systematic, integrated design methods that are constantly evolving with changing technology are needed.


A community of research and practice to develop, test and apply a shared language for performance-based design;

A library of tested workflows for:

  • Engaging stakeholders and setting objectives,
  • Generating promising alternatives,
  • Multidisciplinary analysis,
  • Optimization and decision-making;

Curriculum to teach proper application of performance-based design;

Case studies that explore and demonstrate advanced application of performance-based design principles;

A trained workforce and a body of validated research.

The Design Space Construction project is:

Practice Informed
Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation, and Computer Programming professionals share real world project data and tools.
Vertically Integrated

Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral students work together to execute sophisticated projects in an integrated learning environment.

Horizontally Integrated

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Computer Science, Management, and other disciplines contribute their perspectives.

Research Informed

Building Performance, Design Process, and Computer Science Researchers develop, test, and train people to use their methods on real project data.

History of How we got here

  • Increasing complexity (,pre stakeholders, more goals, more alternatives, more information, limited human ability to deal with this complexity.
  • Emergence of performance-based tools provide an opportunity, but require rethinking the process